Sunday, January 24, 2016

X-files returns

So I watched the episode, naturally, after watching Cam Newton and company slaughter the Cardinals.  Back in the '90's, it was some of the best stuff on television.  I had high hopes.

First impression: I like that they re-used the original opening sequence.  Some things are timeless.

After that, though, it got a little "meh." 

Parts of it seemed rushed, like they were trying to cram as much as they could into one episode.  Hopefully the pace will settle down in the coming episodes.

The Cigarette Smoking Man is back.  The guy is indestructible, it seems.  Cancer can't kill him, nor can being blown up by a missile.  Good thing, too, since the show's just not the same without him.

It's always nice to see Rance Howard on screen, though I barely recognized him with the beard.

Anyway, I'm not blown away yet, but we'll see how it goes.  It's only on for six episodes, so there's no reason not to give the whole season a try.

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