Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Chapters and goals

I've added chapters to Venus.  I've got forty-seven of them, plus an epilogue.  They're short chapters.

When I write, I don't think in terms of chapters.  I think in terms of scenes, and then I insert asterisk breaks to separate them.  So I have to go in and add chapters after the fact.

I think I've put the chapter breaks in good places, but that's for my beta readers to decide, so we'll see.

I've also re-written a good bit of Act 1.  Hopefully it's more compelling now.

My next objective is to do the mobi edit for Mercury.  Once that's done, I'll send both it and Venus off for beta reading.  And while they're being critiqued, I'll start writing the first draft of Mars.

Intermediate goals: Have both books ready to email out by Valentine's Day.  Finish the first draft of Mars in four weeks.  Outline the entire Wheel of Fire series before April.

Long-term goals: Publish six books in the fall: all three books of the Free Space trilogy, plus the first three books of the Wheel of Fire series.  Hopefully see some real money coming in by the end of the year.

Yeah, this is all very ambitious.  But I think I can pull it off.  And if not, I'll at least get a lot done in the process.

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