Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Rough weather

Lots of rough weather has blown through the southern states lately.  Here, it's rained for a couple of days straight.  I last saw the sun on the appropriately named Sunday.  If you're in the path of this stuff, I hope you're taking the necessary precautions and whatnot.

I haven't been feeling so hot, too.  I don't think I'm sick, but I've been fatigued.  Some of it's probably the weather, but I suspect some of it is my body still not having recovered from my January illness.  I may never get back to the self I was a year ago.

Thanks to all you folks who downloaded Clouds of Venus as part of my recent My Book Cave promotion.  I hope y'all enjoy it.

Take care, folks, and be kind to one another.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Just upgraded

I finally gave in.  I've upgraded my StoryOrigin account to the paid level.

I doubt I'll make that money back, but I'm giving myself the opportunity to see what happens.

In other news, I finished the cart I was building for my miter saw.  Retractable casters rock.  :D

Friday, April 23, 2021

The invasion has begun

I have no doubt that our forces will make quick work of the hapless Martians.  We have already achieved air superiority.  Our stealth assault helicopters have annihilated the enemy in the main theater of operations.


Now that we control the skies, our main battle tanks will subdue any remaining resistance.

We do not yet have accurate numbers for casualties and prisoners, but I have been assured that we have completely dominated the enemy so far.  We have reduced his cities to rubble, as can be plainly seen in the photos above.

The Martians struck us a grievous blow in the 1930s in New Jersey, but we have finally paid them back.  And we won't stop until their entire planet is ours.

Long live Terra!

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Lumber prices

I'm currently building a cart for my miter saw.  I'm just using cheap 2x4s.

I say"cheap," but these things are nearly twice what they cost a year ago.  The lockdowns affected sawmills, too, and that created a lumber shortage.

I browsed a sawmill forum (never been there before, but Google showed me the way) and saw where one guy said it would be eighteen months before lumber prices get back to normal.

Eighteen months.  :/

In the meantime, housing prices will climb accordingly.  Actually, they already have.  Almost everything has risen in price already.

We're going to be feeling the economic pinch of the lockdowns for years to come.  Tighten your belts, folks.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Back in the day

Once upon a time, there was a made-for-television Star Wars movie called The Ewok Adventure.  I actually watched this when it aired.  I haven't seen it since.

But I always remembered that giant spider.  That thing scared me.  Yeah, the effects are primitive by today's standards, but I was just a kid in the 1980s, so... *shrug*

I'm not sure why I thought of this movie just now.  But it serves up some useful lessons... lessons like, "don't stick your hand in places you can't see."

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Miscellaneous stuff

Thanks for everyone who bought my books that were in the recent Kobo promotion.  I hope you enjoy them.

If you live in the south like me, then keep an eye on the weather, because it's been violent.

I still don't have the energy I had in early January.  My illness from that month knocked me down a bit, and I'm still trying to climb out.  I'm hoping the warm weather of spring will help energize me.

Bought some lumber to make a cart for my miter saw.  Lumber prices are insane, and the supply is small and of dubious quality.  I hope the sawmills are running 24/7 to make up for lost time from last year's lockdowns.

I'm still keeping an eye on the Gamestop saga.  I've heard that the April 16 option expiration is going to be an important milestone.  I don't know how credible that rumor is, but I'm watching the stock price just the same.  That whole phenomenon is fascinating.

Life is tough for a lot of people.  Take care of yourselves, folks, and be kind to others.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Trilogy books on sale at Kobo

My Caverns of Mercury and Cities of Mars are 40% off at Kobo.  This sale ends March 29th.  Get 'em while the gettin's good!  :D