Friday, October 14, 2016

Neutral Ground has begun!

I've started the first draft of Neutral Ground, the second book in the Wheel of Fire series.  I've got over 3,000 words in already.

It's all because of the outlining.  It really does wonders for my writing speed.  And it makes the stuff I write better, too, since I've already thought it out.  I hate trying to think while I write.  I'd rather get all the thinking out of the way during the outlining.  Then it's basically just "paint by numbers" from there on out.  I outline with my right-brain.  I write with the left-brain.  And never the twain brains shall meet.

I'd like to have this draft done by Thanksgiving.  And I'd like to have the book ready for beta reading by the end of the year.  Those are my goals.

Speaking of beta reading, Hostile Planet is now being beta read.  :D

It's not easy juggling all this stuff at once.  That's five balls I've got in the air: the Free Space trilogy books and the first two books of Wheel of Fire.

Tentative plan is still to publish the trilogy in February and then Hostile Planet a month later.  After that, I'd ideally like to put out a new book at least every three months.  It would be great if I could wrap the whole series up by the end of 2018.  But lots can happen between now and then.  For now, I'm just focused on my 2016 goals.

Anyway... that's all for now.  Back to work.

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