Friday, March 3, 2017

Spring... or not?

Freeze warning in effect for this area.  Lol... I knew it.  These early springs never pan out.  There's always some arctic blast ready to swoop down from Canada.  The flowers and new shoots of spring are never safe until April.  And now they'll pay the price for their premature sprouting.  But it could be worse.  Much worse.

On the other side of the continent, for example, things are far more dire...

The Oroville Dam is in pretty desperate condition, and warm weather will send an ocean of melted snow running down the mountains and into Lake Oroville.  Here's the footage from a few days ago:

And here's California DWR's latest video:

The flow down the spillway has stopped, but it hardly seems to matter.  When you've got a backhoe moving a single vehicle-sized boulder at a time, and you have anything less than several hundred backhoes working simultaneously, then you've got a real problem.  They'll never get this thing anywhere close to fixed in time for the spring thaw.  The only real questions are how much of the mountainside is going to erode away and how bad will the flooding be downstream.  If I was a resident there, I'd be packing my stuff and getting out while the getting-out was still good.

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