Thursday, February 4, 2016

Progress Report

I'm about 90% done with the mobi edit of Mercury.  So I'm well ahead of schedule as far as that goes.

I've done a little more world-building for the Wheel of Fire series and I've outlined a good bit of Hostile Planet.  This goal--outlining the whole series by April--will be a challenge.  Not sure I can do it.

I'll be starting Mars soon.

I've got covers done for the trilogy and Hostile Planet.  They need a little tweaking, but not much.  I've also got cover ideas for Neutral Ground (Wheel of Fire book 2).

I've got blurbs for Venus and Mercury.

I still think I can write and completely polish four novels this year.  If I can, then that would mean all three books of the Free Space trilogy and the first three books of Wheel of Fire could be out in the fall.  I'd love to see that happen.

Back to the grind...

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