Monday, November 24, 2014

May try Draft2Digital

I've uploaded the new covers for Buddy to all three vendors, but I'm thinking of removing the story from Kobo and Barnes & Noble and then uploading it to Draft2Digital.  They'll take a cut of the profits, but it will mean less headaches for me since I'll only be uploading the story to one distributor.  Also, it will let me get on iTunes, which I currently can't do since I don't have a Mac.

This should also make it easier to set a title to perma-free, something I'm currently not having much luck with.

I'll wait a couple of days for the changes I made to go through, then I'll de-list them.  That's the plan, anyway. 

In other news, I sent a few questions to Hugh Howey and received prompt and satisfying answers.  I now know what I'll have to change in my Wool fan fiction story in order to bring it into better compliance with the "canon."  Have I mentioned yet that Hugh is a cool and generous guy?  Well, I have now.  :)

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