Monday, June 15, 2015

Progress Report

First draft of Venus is up to 27000 words.

Not the best week ever, but I'm not totally displeased.  I did a good bit of editing, and I rearranged some elements of the outline.  So I've been productive, but not in ways that are reflected in the word count.

Still thinking a lot about covers.  I've already got a trio of covers made, one for each book of the trilogy, but I'm not sure they're good enough.  I want to make several different ones and hope one stands out.  The problem is that I can't just put a generic space scene on the cover because the story takes place in our own solar system. 

Then again, maybe it's better for the cover to look cool than it is for it to be an accurate reflection of the story.  Maybe no one will care that it's titled Venus but sports a picture of the crab nebula (or whatever).

I'm also thinking I should do a third Buddy story simply because a trilogy would be better than a pair.  I have no idea what the plot would be.  Something to think about.

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