Monday, February 13, 2017


I think I've finally got my domain email sorted out.  I was getting notifications from Zoho about DKIM and SPF being unvalidated or whatever.  It's a bear trying to figure all that nonsense out.  Hopefully I've got it surrounded this time.  Lol...

Still working on Cities of Mars revision.  After that, Caverns of Mercury revision.  After that, Hostile Planet revision.  And I'm going to keep playing around with cover designs for Hostile Planet.  I may purchase a stock photo or two.  Haven't decided yet.  But I tried making my own spaceship from scratch, and it just doesn't look right.

Made a sale last month.  Not sure which story, and not sure which store.  I'll get that info later.  But D2D will be depositing another sixty cents into my bank account at some point, and that's pretty cool.  :D  If that purchaser is reading this: thanks, sir or madam for your support.  *fist bump*

And I still get a warm fuzzy feeling from re-reading that fan email I got last fall.  Fan mail is awesome, and I highly encourage it.  Send your favorite author some fan email at the next opportunity.

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