Thursday, November 3, 2016

Production has faltered :(

It's the election, mostly.  It's too distracting.  I can't focus on anything anymore.  I spent most of tonight killing bloons instead of doing anything worthwhile.  That's the kind of mush my brain has become.

The good news is that I'm about at the halfway point in Neutral Ground.  Word count is somewhere around 43k, I think.  Poor Jerry is in a tough spot.  He's been ordered to do something that is basically suicidal.  But a Rifleman does his duty, regardless of the risks.  For Homestead!  :D

Another person volunteered to beta read Hostile Planet.  I'm pleased.  Can't have too many betas.  Well, you can, I suppose, but I'm not in that position yet.

I finally figured out how to make folders in my gmail inbox.  Google calls them "labels" instead of folders, but they're basically the same thing, it seems.  I feel like an idiot for not figuring this out sooner.  :S

So that's where I'm at now.

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