Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Designing a space navy

I'm working on it.  :D

Not much space action in Hostile Planet.  That story mostly takes place on the surface.  That's probably obvious from the book's title.  But there will be plenty of space battles in the series, and that means I need navies.

For the Commonwealth, I've got this so far:

Patrol craft are named for the counties of the worlds they patrol, commanded by Lieutenants
Corvettes are named for men, commanded by Lt. Commanders
Destroyers and frigates are named for weapons and tools, commanded by Commanders
Battlecruisers are named for planets, commanded by Captains

I'm going with a mix of American and British conventions.  And some things aren't based on anything other than the needs of the story. 

I'm still on the fence about drones, but I'm leaning towards not having them.  Machines breaking other machines just seems dull.  It's more fun when people fight one another--when lives are at stake on both sides.

I'm revising the outline for the second book in the series, Neutral Ground.  Once it's done, I'll finish whatever revisions need finishing, send stuff out for beta reading, and then get started on the first draft.

I hope September turns out to be more productive.  I feel like I've wasted August.  Too much going on.

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