Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Finally got the song written

When I wrote the first draft of Mars, I wrote a scene that involves some singing.  I was intent on finishing the draft, though, and writing a song is time-consuming, so I postponed it.  I just put "song" in parentheses on the page and moved on to the next scene.

So today I returned to the song and focused on writing the lyrics.  The hard part was deciding on a tune to model them on.  I've finally decided to take an Irish ballad (not saying which one) and write alternate lyrics to it.  I've got three stanzas and a chorus, and I think it turned out okay.  Anyway, the song is finished and on paper, so all I have to do is make minor tweaks if I decide it's not good enough.

I'm almost done making the changes according to the notes I took while writing the first draft.  Once I'm done, I'll go back and read the whole thing through and edit it for smoothness of transitions between sentences and between paragraphs.  That will conclude the second draft.  Then it's mobi time.  Or azw3 time.  I may try that format instead.  The mobi files I make in Calibre tend to be unstable once I start using the highlight and note features.  I may try sending a .doc to the Kindle via the Send-to-Kindle app.  It converts it to azw3.

In Wheel of Fire news, I've been working on the backstory.  I've got a good background for some of the characters, but one in particular is proving troublesome.  I'm having a hard time fleshing out her motivation and her reason for being part of the group.

So that's where I'm at.

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