Thursday, November 12, 2015

New release notifications from Draft2Digital

Got an email today from D2D.  They now offer new release notifications to readers.  What this means is that they'll put a button in the back matter of your book that the reader can click.  Then that reader will be notified whenever I publish something new on D2D.

I logged in to the site and got the message pop-up about it.  I clicked on the "find out more" button.  Two clicks later, Mr. Wilson had the button added to its back matter.  (So they said, anyway.  I didn't find anything to indicate it on the story's layout page.  But I'm sure it's there, or will be soon.)

That's why I love the guys at D2D.  They make it all so easy.  And they're constantly trying to improve their service.  As far as "author-friendly" goes, they're the best around, period.

Next on my wish list: full mailing list functionality.  :D

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