Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mobi edit's done

Good grief... what a nightmare.  The Kindle had an update while I was doing it, and I lost the last 5% of the book's edits.  So I had to do that again, and of course it's not going to be the same, and maybe not as good.  And I added new scenes and made notes about other new scenes that I have yet to add.

Even without the update, though, the file is still buggy.  The mobis I make in Calibre just don't play well with the Kindle.  I think I side-loaded it.  Next time, I might try using "Send to Kindle" instead.

I'll try to wrap it all up this weekend.  Then it's off to be beta-read.  And then I can get back to Buddy: Evolution, my Amazon author's page, outlining, etc.

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