Friday, July 3, 2015


Broke through the 50000-word mark on my draft.  I should have hit this a few days ago, but the going has been slow.  I guess it's because I'm at a climactic part, and it's happening from several characters' points-of-view.  It can get a little hairy trying to keep everything straight.

Hopefully, the rest will be a breeze by comparison.  I'll try to zip through the denouement, and then I can start the second draft.  The second draft is where I basically fill in stuff to make the first draft make sense.  I always end up adding more than I subtract during revision.  My mind always wants to race ahead, and so my prose tends to do the same.  I have to force myself to pace the story.

The good news is that I've managed to stick fairly close to my outline.  That means my outline was a success.  Like Colonel Hannibal Smith, I always love it when a plan comes together.

I'll do the mobi edit before I send the story off for beta reading.  Hopefully that will be before the end of July.  Then, while Venus is being beta read, I'll do the final revisions for Buddy: Evolution. 

I'll also outline Mercury.  I probably won't start writing the draft, though, until the beta reads of Venus are finished.  We'll see, though,  That's something to worry about in August and September.

Once the Terrestrial Planets trilogy is finished, I'll focus on the Wool fan-fic that I've had on the backburner.  After that come an urban fantasy series.

That's the plan for now, anyway.  Like everything else in life, it's subject to change without notice.

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